Wireless Lab

The Fraunhofer ESK Wireless Lab offers a wide range of measurement, testing and development platforms designed specifically for communication systems.


Embedded Software Lab

The Fraunhofer ESK Embedded Software Lab offers manufacturers and suppliers a comprehensive platform and set of tools to support development projects.  



The VICTOR vehicle demonstrator is a road-legal BMW 320i touring that has been modified for test purposes. Fraunhofer ESK uses VICTOR to carry out research and development activities in the area of cooperative driving functions. The institute also makes the demonstrator available to companies and other research institutes for use with joint projects.


Access & Inhouse Test Lab

Fraunhofer ESK operates a comprehensive Access & Inhouse Test Lab that can be used to analyze and test a wide range of telecommunication network components, services and new solutions ranging from end-user devices – such as telephones, PCs and set top boxes – to IADs, modems, subscriber line connections, access and aggregation networks and servers for video, voice and data services.


NGN Test Lab

The NGN Test Lab is equipped for analyzing communication systems and evaluating and enhancing customer-specific solutions ranging from local communication networks to cloud-based services. Apart from examining the transmission protocol and system parameters, the tests also evalute various security aspects.