Software development with AUTOSAR – sure, but it has to be automated!

Use our AUTOSAR-based software development approaches to reliably develop your automotive software solutions right from the start. And benefit from Fraunhofer ESK’s expertise the development of new concepts in AUTOSAR development environments (ARTOP, AUTOSAR tool platform, among others) and AUTOSAR specifications.

The biggest challenges when developing automotive software:

  • The growing number of electronic control units has made connectivity and communication between the various systems more complex.
  • The demands on automotive software are very high: real-time, functional safety and security have to be guaranteed to keep human lives from being placed at risk.
  • Integrating components from different manufacturers is becoming increasingly difficult, making it necessary to carry out time-consuming and costly manual modifications

To solve these challenges, take advantage of our research expertise in the area of reliable systems for the automobile industry.

Utilize the methods developed by Fraunhofer ESK to automate your various areas of software development with AUTOSAR. Using our approaches for instance, you can automatically enhance your AUTOSAR system models with new technical safety requirements, such as fail-operational behavior, and specify the real-time requirements directly in the system design. That makes it easy to implement safety standards such as ISO 26262 or SOTIF (ISO PAS 21448) and integrate them at the beginning of the development process. You can also utilize Fraunhofer ESK’s real-time software reconfiguration platform for fail-operational behavior to make your systems safe across multiple electronic control units, or rely on our experience to automate the process steps between different development tools.

The advantages of using the AUTOSAR concept from Fraunhofer ESK:

  • Iterative system development through automated feedback of technical changes to the safety analyses and requirements
  • Cost-effective solutions for fail-operational functions through synchronized reconfiguration of multiple electronic control units
  • Distributed applications that are dependable even when using central processing platforms
  • Fast integration of requirements through automated handling of ARXML and tailored solutions for converting ARXML into other formats  
  • Less effort when integrating software modules by planning schedules for multiple software components across multiple electronic control units and bus systems  

Potential forms of collaboration:

  • Direct contract – we automate your development steps with AUTOSAR through automated integration of the safety and real-time requirements
  • Know-how transfer through collaboration – we use our industry labs to show you how you can automate your AUTOSAR software development