Basic principles

Basic principles

1. Mutual appreciation, respect and openness form the basis for everthing we do.

  • Mutual appreciation and respect are the foundation of our actions.
  • We foster a constructive dialogue culture.
  • Our work environment promotes self-initiative and creativity.
  • We accept different people and cultures and learn from one another.
  • All employees are afforded the same opportunities and a proper work-life balance.

2. Leadership means taking responsiblity for the decisions we make.

  • We live by the decisions we make.
  • Managers serve as role models.
  • We create transparent management structures.
  • Employees who assume responsibility have management's support.
  • Performance reviews are a vital part of the dialogue culture.
  • The Management Committee has overall responsibility for the institute and for ensuring its long-term future.

3. Clearly-defined structures, responsibilities and interfaces are the cornerstones of our organization.

  • The structures and rules of the organization guide our daily actions and activities.
  • We create reliable processes through clearly-defined responsibilities and interfaces.
  • Science and service work hand in hand.
  • We adapt our structures to future requirements.

4. Communication and information are essential to our success.

  • We place a high value on communication. We speak to one another.
  • The sharing of scientific knowledge is the basis for successful project activities.
  • We rely on modern IT technology to support the sharing of information.

5. The professional development of our employees and young scientists preserves our innovation strength.

  • We offer an excellent environment for personal development.
  • We consider professional development an investment in the future of the institute.
  • Personal development is tailored to the needs of employees at all levels of the organization.
  • We are committed to fostering the development of young scientists.
  • Systematic employee surveys are a vital part of our development and growth.

6. Innovation through scientific expertise.

  • We transform research into innovations.
  • We are an experienced scientific project partner.
  • Our solutions are based on excellence in the field of applied research.
  • Our research gives us a clear market position.
  • We offer an excellent environment for carrying out research activities.
  • We make important contributions to the scientific community.
  • We work closely with universities and institutions of higher learning.

7. Putting knowledge into practice.

  • We transform scientific findings into practical applications.
  • We help companies develop future products.
  • We possess specific know-how and solutions aligned to the needs of our market segments.
  • Our scientific expertise creates added-value.

8. We supplement and enrich our expertise with an extensive network of professionals from business and government.

  • We work closely with decision makers from the business, scientific and government communities.
  • We rely on our network to supplement our own expertise.
  • We put together the right consortiums with our numerous partners.
  • We are an active participant in scientific and industry associations.
  • We provide employees the opportunity to develop extensive professional networks.

9. We align our innovative solutions with our customer's future markets and challenges.

  • We understand the future expectations of our customers' markets and offer the corresponding technical solutions.
  • We listen to our customers and work with them to develop individual solutions.
  • Our work ends only when the problem has been solved.

10. We are a reliable and independent project partner.

  • We deliver timely and resilient results that address the problem at hand.
  • We achieve our results through a structured, scientific process.
  • In accordance with the philosophy of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, we develop our solutions as an independent partner.
  • We respect the confidentiality of the customer.
  • We treat our partners with respect.
  • We place value on long-term collaboration.

11. Satisfying society's needs on an on-going basis requires keeping an eye on the future.

  • We align our research with society's current and future needs.
  • We continuously examine new issues and expand our capacity and know-how.
  • Our strategy develops through a structured process.