VICTOR – Demonstrator for Connected Driving

The VICTOR vehicle demonstrator is a road-legal BMW 320i touring that has been modified for test purposes. Fraunhofer ESK uses VICTOR to carry out research and development activities in the area of cooperative driving functions. The institute also makes the demonstrator available to companies and other research institutes for use with joint projects.

VICTOR is the ideal platform for:

Prototyping cooperative driver assistance systems

  • Rapid prototyping with its own software framework or with customer software and hardware
  • Application development for customers and partners: Car-to-car, car-to-infrastructure and car-to-backend

Dependable Car2X communication in heterogeneous networks

  • Designs, prototype setups and testing
  • „„Evaluating consistent quality of service, adaptive data aggregation, etc.

Sensor data fusion and cooperative environment models

  • Integrating prototype sensor technology (see inside of brochure)
  • „„Analyzing data quality such as for determining the dependability of Car2X data