Projects in Communication Technologies and Architectures


From Idea to Prototype – Reliable Development of Cooperative Driving Functions

With the integrated tool environment at Fraunhofer ESK cooperative driving functions can be implemented and evaluated early on using consistent methods.


Reliable Adaptive Wireless Communication with Cognitive Radio

The goal of the CAROUSAL project is to develop a prototype to prove the enhanced efficiency and reliability in the use of the available radio spectrum with cognitive radio.


Intelligent and Reliable Sensor Networks

Particularly in the field of industrial automation, wireless networks help companies add more flexibility to their day-to-day operations. Fraunhofer ESK develops energy-efficient, robust and reliable sensor networks.


Personnel Protection through Localization

Fraunhofer ESK is developing a localization solution for dynamic environments, that helps to improve the safety of working conditions on complex grounds, such as construction sites.


Awair: Software Solution for Monitoring Wireless Network Quality

With Awair, Fraunhofer ESK offers a software solution capable of capturing, visualizing and analyzing wireless spectrum occupancy. The software can identify authorized and unauthorized transmitters or sources of interference within a wireless network.


Wireless Troubleshooting

Fraunhofer ESK helps customers detect the causes of wireless network disruptions. This includes on-site analyses with measurements to detect possible sources of interference or to identify overlapping frequency ranges.


FIONA: Framework for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Assistance

FIONA helps streamline the development of various indoor and outdoor localization services.


Autonomous Traffic Warning System with Car2X Communication

An autonomous platform collects sensor data from vehicles and road side units and is able to warn drivers faster and reliable.


Shared E-Mobility

A group of Fraunhofer institutes that includes ESK, FOKUS, IAO, IIS ISE and IVI are examining how to establish the shared use of e-mobility in metropolitan areas.


ezCar2X®: Streamlining Application Development for Networked Vehicles

Future vehicles will be able to share information in real-time. Therefore, Fraunhofer ESK developed the flexible ezCar2x® software framework, which provides the key components needed to rapidly create prototype applications for networking vehicles.


Predictive Front Lighting

The next generation of adaptive front lighting systems (AFS) attempts to “look into the future” by detecting potential danger spots and oncoming traffic early enough and illuminating the road accordingly.


Heterogeneous Networks for Real Time Multimodal Mobility

In project TIMON Fraunhofer ESK together with partners from seven other European countries aim to increase safety, sustainability, flexibility and efficiency of road transport systems by leveraging data from a diverse set of sources, i.e. open transport data, infrastructure sensors, data generated by drivers and vulnerable road users (VRUs).


Communication for E-Car Energy Management

In the SmartV2G project, Fraunhofer ESK will be conducting research into the communication interface that will enable integration of electric vehicles into the smart grid.


Intelligent Charging Infrastructur for E-Vehicles

As part of the Smart Vehicle-to-Grid project sponsored by the EU, Fraunhofer ESK specified and implemented the necessary communication interfaces, thus transforming the charging stations into interoperable nodes between the e-vehicles and the control center.


Intelligent Communication for Smart Microgrids

In this project, Fraunhofer ESK is working together with the Technical University Munich, the city of Augsburg municipal utilities and industry partners to design and implement a smart microgrid in Augsburg's Haunstetten industrial park.


Simulation Environment for CDMA450 Networks

The ESK researchers created a simulation environment, with which they can examine, if the lower-cost mobile communications technology CDMA450 makes the grade of the smart grids.


Smart Grid Traffic Models

Fraunhofer ESK develops traffic models that can be used to easily and quickly calculate the data volume for different use cases and transmission protocols.


Satellite-Based Communication

With business applications in mind, Fraunhofer ESK undertook research aimed at identifying the technical pros and cons of satellite-based broadband Internet access.


FlexDP – Flexible Broadband Distribution Points

The next milestone in the expansion of the broadband network is known as fiber to the distribution point, or FTTdp. With this technology, the optical fiber is run to a distribution point (DP) that can be flexibly installed up to 250 meters from the customer premise.


DSL and Power Line for High Bit Rate Access and In-house Networks

To expand the bandwidth in access- and inhouse networks, ESK-researchers examine how a wave-band up to 300 MHz can be used with copper cables.


Enhanced Traffic Safety with LTE and Mobile Edge Computing

n the project Car2MEC, Fraunhofer ESK is working to develop concepts to improve connectivity especially for delay-sensitive traffic safety applications.