Evaluating distribution concepts for edge, fog and cloud-based applications – sure, but from an independent source such as Fraunhofer ESK!

When the need arises to evaluate distribution concepts for edge, fog and cloud-based connected applications, rely on Fraunhofer ESK’s expertise. With a distribution concept tailored to your needs, you can get your connected services ready for the Internet of Things (IoT). By outsourcing individual functions to the cloud for instance, you can generate over-the-air updates and enjoy better life cycle management of your connected and distributed systems. You save time and money.

Challenges associated with evaluating distribution concepts for edge, fog and cloud-based applications

Distributing services, from the end device, to the edge and fog networks, and on to the cloud, is often a difficult task for a variety of reasons:

  • The ecosystem made up of user equipment (smartphone or connected vehicle for instance), and the edge, fog and cloud networks, usually can’t be represented on a local basis
  • Carrying out the tests in a real environment is costly and time-consuming
  • Edge clouds are not available for commercial use

With extensive experience in the research of various distribution concepts, Fraunhofer ESK is an expert and independent partner if you want to evaluate various alternatives tailored to your specific situation, whether you are just getting started with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or want to rework the distribution concept for your distributed automotive systems.

We can help you evaluate the pros and cons and the technical framework for your planned distribution strategies. To do that we offer a validated distributed services architecture and our virtual exploration space for distributed applications, which you can use to deploy and analyze your applications in a tailored test environment.

Potential forms of collaboration:

  • Direct contract – we analyze and evaluate your distributed concepts for edge, fog and cloud-based applications
  • Know-how transfer through collaboration – Using our industry labs, we show how you can develop a dependable distribution concept for your edge and cloud applications