Communications technology evaluations – sure, but independently through Fraunhofer ESK!

Are you looking for suitable communications technologies for your connected applications? Then rely on Fraunhofer ESK’s expertise in the application-oriented evaluation of different communications technologies. As an independent research institute with extensive experience in information and communications technologies, we evaluate future trends and new technologies so that you can make the right decision for your company.

The challenges of technology evaluations:

  • For the systematic evaluation of new communications technologies, most companies lack access to realistic environments and the right equipment
  • Differing conditions often mean that existing evaluations cannot be used for comparison purposes

Fraunhofer ESK is well-equipped to test and evaluate communications technologies and uses its own applications, which can be adapted to your concrete requirements. This allows you to quickly and reliably implement your connected services (rapid prototyping).

Rely on Fraunhofer ESK’s experience with a wide range of communications technologies such as:

  • LTE
  • 802.11p
  • 5G
  • 802.15.4
  • IO Link Wireless
  • Bluetooth LE

We compare solution alternatives under the same – and real – conditions. With the support of Fraunhofer ESK, you can monitor technology trends and subsequently develop new business models and services. Furthermore, you will also know how to make reasonable investments in and expand your existing infrastructure. Fraunhofer ESK serves as your independent and expert partner with many years of experience in testing and evaluating various communications technologies.

Potential forms of collaboration:

  • Direct contract – We evaluate the communications technologies so that you are well-positioned for the future
  • Know-how transfer through collaboration – Using our industry labs, we show how you can carry out a reasonable communications technology evaluation