Fail-operational architectures – sure, but efficient!

We help you develop adaptive, fail-operational architectures for end-to-end architectures in areas such as the automotive industry and Industry 4.0.

An autonomous driving vehicle cannot be allowed to simply shut down in case of a problem. And if an industrial system experiences even just a short outage, it can lead to significant costs. With our cost-effective fail-operational approaches, we offer you a dependable solution that will allow you to get a handle on your autonomous systems even in critical situations.

This is why you should utilize Fraunhofer ESK’s expertise in the area of architecture design, development methodology and architecture validation to ensure the functional safety of your systems.

Current research topics

  • Graceful degradation and graceful upgrading for dependable end-to-end architectures
  • Adaptive fail-operational behaviors for service-oriented cyber physical systems
  • Validation of non-fail-operational components with adaptive architectures

Potential forms of collaboration:

  • Direct contract – we design and validate your architectures with adaptive fail-operational behavior
  • Know-how transfer through collaboration – We show you, on-site, how you can design fail-operational architectures or we work together with you to complete the project


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