Industrial automation – sure, but it has to be flexible and adaptive!

Use our Asset Administration Shell (AAS) to manage complex machines or systems that feature a large number of connected components. Administration of each component, such as commissioning, adaptation, optimization or life cycle management (maintenance, repairs, replacement), occurs directly via a higher-level control system.

Rely on our expertise in the field of Industry 4.0 automation and model-based development methods for the manufacturer-independent and flexible administration of your industrial systems.

Current research topics

  • Automatic generation of administration shells
  • Runtime environment architecture for administration shells
  • Integrated management of component process and administration information  (real-time and configuration data)
  • Methods for the ad-hoc exchange of information between administration shells

Potential forms of collaboration:

  • Direct contract – we take care of automating the administration of your industrial systems with our Asset Administration Shell
  • Know-how transfer through collaboration – we use our industry labs to show how you can automate your industrial systems on your own