Offers by Fraunhofer ESK

Our expertise: Architecting resilient intelligent systems

Fraunhofer ESK develops resilient intelligent systems


Rely on Fraunhofer ESK for the development of dependable intelligent systems. Our approaches and offers ensure that your intelligent systems operate reliable and safe at all times – even in the event of an outage. At the same time, we make sure that our offers are feasible at reasonable cots.

Offers by Fraunhofer ESK

As an independent research institute, the Fraunhofer ESK offers you extensive solutions for the development of dependable, automated and highly connected systems. Our solutions are just as individual as your requirements. Rely on our approaches for the following fields of application:


Artificial intelligence validation

With our approaches you can validate your artificial intelligence (AI).


Fail-operational architectures

We ensure fail-safe end-to-end applications with our fail-operational architectures.


Quality of Service monitoring and prediction

Fraunhofer ESK’s Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring and prediction make wireless communication of your connected systems safe and reliable.


Software development with AUTOSAR

We support you with our innovative approaches to software development with AUTOSAR.  



Distribution concepts for edge, fog and cloud

We develop a sustainable distribution concept for your edge, fog and cloud-based applications.