ITS European Congress 2017

Connected driving: playing it safe – Fraunhofer ESK’s hybrid ITS stack makes Car2X communication more reliable

Press Release / 13.6.2017

The foundation of connected autonomous driving is reliable and predictable real-time communications. With its adaptive hybrid ITS stack for Car2X communication, Fraunhofer ESK is improving the reliability of the communication between the traffic participants and simplifying the seamless integration of new technologies. Fraunhofer ESK's approach merges various technologies such as ad hoc and mobile wireless and deploys the right technology depending on the situation.

Connected, autonomous driving scenarios such as cooperative driving maneuvers and vehicle platooning, rely on reliable and predictable real-time communication. The adaptive hybrid network concept from Fraunhofer ESK makes an important contribution by integrating various wireless technologies such as the ITS-G5 wireless standard for vehicles and LTE, as well as future technologies such as the LTE-V2X enhancement and 60 GHz technologies, into a hybrid communication stack. The selection of the optimal communication technology occurs adaptively, which means in real-time and according to the situation. Some of the selection criteria for the wireless technology include predicted availability and signal quality.

Fraunhofer will demonstrate its hybrid network concept using two model vehicles during the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg (June 19-22, 2017).

As a co-exhibitor, Fraunhofer ESK will share space at the ITS Deutschland (German Association for Intelligent Transport Systems -ITS) exhibit booth (D30).

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