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Innovative solutions for the markets of the future

Application research means direct practical relevance and close contact with industry: our technology solutions flow directly into the product development cycle. Our research is oriented not only towards addressing our customers' challenges, but also the current and future needs of society. If you want to work closely with industry and help shape the communication technologies of the future, consider a career with Fraunhofer ESK.

We offer career and personal development opportunities for different age groups at all career levels. We welcome students, as well as graduates with degrees in electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science, in addition to experienced management professionals. We also have interesting positions for students, first-time job seekers and experienced professionals in our administrative and PR & marketing departments.

Our soft skills: motivation, openness and flexibility

Innovations are the result of cooperation and collaboration. They require a work environment that encourages self-motivation and creativity. For this reason, mutual respect and openness, as well as a continuous and open dialogue between employees and management, mark our work culture.

We also place a high value on work-life balance and the opportunity to reconcile family and career:

  • Flexible hours, in addition to home office and part-time models, allow employees to work with their supervisors to create a work structure that meets their individual needs.
  • Thanks to two child-friendly offices, employees can bring their children to work when day-care issues arise.
  • We promote the health and well-being of our employees - the foundation of their motivation and creativity - through various health and fitness recommendations and concrete services.

For us, equal opportunity and an open mind toward different people and cultures are self-evident. This diversity offers a wealth of potential, which we take advantage of. After all, different points of view and approaches make valuable contributions to the development of our comprehensive solutions.