Nuremberg  /  11/27/2018  -  11/29/2018

SPS IPC Drives 2018

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Hall 6, Booth 143

Want to make your distributed applications dependable? Then visit us at the SPS IPC Drives in Nürnberg (hall 6, booth 143) and we’ll show you how!

With distributed applications, complexity grows rapidly, particularly through the wealth of communications connections that are required. In turn, overall system dependability declines to the point that the system can be used only on a restricted basis. To prevent outages from occurring, Fraunhofer ESK developed a monitoring and optimization application that continuously monitors the quality of the communication connections and compares the current connection parameters with the requirements of the application. If a significant difference between the values is detected, the system can adapt on its own either through a form of service degradation, in which the service quality is downgraded to its minimum functionality, or by switching to a different communication system.

By using this approach, outage durations are shortened, thus driving down costs and making your distributed systems dependable. Fraunhofer ESK’s approach can be deployed with any type of system, whether in industrial automation, building automation, automotive applications or modern agriculture.