Fraunhofer Institute for Embedded Systems and Communication Technologies ESK

Automation Technology Services

Whether it involves a simple alternative to wired data transmission systems, or complex Industry 4.0 applications, information and communication technologies add another level of dynamic and flexibility and provide manufacturing companies the opportunity to create innovative business models and open up new markets

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Automotive Services

he Automotive business unit targets its R&D activities toward automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers (OEM), software houses, road infrastructure equipment manufacturers and IT system suppliers. By researching innovative technologies and relying on proven methods and models, ESK researchers support customers during the development of electronic control units and the analysis and design of new communication technologies for the vehicle and networked vehicle-to-environment systems.

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Electricity Grids Services

While the expansion of renewable energy sources makes Germany less dependent on raw materials imports, it requires the integration of a number of smaller energy generators in the distribution networks, thus creating various challenges for grid operators.

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Services for Telecommunication

The Business Unit Telecommunication supports its customers with efficient concepts for the optimization and design adaption of existing transmission systems and security evaluations of communications networks. Customers in this market segment include manufacturers of telecommunication hardware for broadband Internet access, public and private telecommunication network operators, government agencies, measurement instrument manufacturers, system and software houses and telecommunication industry associations.

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The scientists of the Munich based Fraunhofer ESK are experts for a wide range of information and communications technology (ICT) topics from transmission over protocols and systems to intelligent services.



ITS European Congress Glasgow: Fraunhofer ESK paves the way for safe autonomous driving


Harvesters joining the Internet of Things

In a joint project, equipment manufacturer Holmer, telecommunications manufacturer Huawei and Fraunhofer ESK succeeded in transferring the predictive maintenance method to a fleet of highlycomplex harvesting machines.



Award-Winning Connected Car Project: "Real-Time Communication via the LTE Mobile Network" Wins Best-Practice Competition


Intelligent Communication for Smart Microgrids

In this project, Fraunhofer ESK is working together with the Technical University Munich, the city of Augsburg municipal utilities and industry partners to design and implement a smart microgrid in Augsburg's Haunstetten industrial park.



Embedded World: Fraunhofer ESK demonstrates development of a fault-tolerant electronics system for the automobiles of the future

EU project SafeAdapt enters the test phase

The construction of a test vehicle and driving simulator marks the test phase of the EU project SafeAdapt. Both platforms are slated to be operational by the middle of 2016 with the aim of evaluating the project under real conditions. The goal is to develop a new adaptive electric/electronics (E/E) software architecture for future electric vehicles that is capable of rectifying problems on its own while the vehicle is operating, thus leading to improved safety, reliability and cost efficiency.


Heterogeneous Networks for Real Time Multimodal Mobility

In project TIMON Fraunhofer ESK together with partners from seven other European countries aim to increase safety, sustainability, flexibility and efficiency of road transport systems by leveraging data from a diverse set of sources, i.e. open transport data, infrastructure sensors, data generated by drivers and vulnerable road users (VRUs).


Hannover Trade Fair: Fraunhofer ESK puts harvesting machines on the path to the Internet of Things

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